Beyonce’s game change: a surprise album release

The first time was in the form of an op-ed here in the New York Times pointing out that the media had totally misinterpreted newly released statistics on divorce. While the reports had trumpeted the new data as evidence that Americans today are more likely than ever to get divorced, Stevenson and Wolfers show that this pattern is purely an artifact of a change in data collection methods. In fact, fewer people today are getting married, but the ones who do are more likely to stay together. By almost any economic or social indicator, the last 35 years have been great for women. Birth control has given them the ability to control reproduction. They are obtaining far more education and making inroads in many professions that were traditionally male-dominated. The gender wage gap has declined substantially. Women are living longer then ever.

Beyoncé Surprises Fans by Secretly Dropping a New Album on iTunes

Spotify has long been thought of as a digital jukebox, allowing users to summon virtually any song at the click of a button. But the cracks in that system are starting to show, as artists attempt to exert more control over their music. Some artists, like Taylor Swift, have argued that Spotify’s business model devalues music.

The service has an ad-supported free tier, unlike many other on-demand streaming services. Others have been quietly removing their albums from the platform for other reasons.

1 on the iTunes albums chart (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for MUDD) ‘​An Easy Girl’: A French Riviera Coming-Of-Age Tale On Netflix Since launching two years ago, DistroKid has grown to be used by over Silento, who uploaded his “Watch Me” single to TuneCore at the beginning of

I feel like I am able to speak directly to my fans. There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. I felt like I didn’t want anybody to give the message when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans. In the statement announcing the album’s release, some bold claims were made: that this was “an unprecedented strategic move”, and that this was music “stripped of gimmicks, teasers and marketing campaigns”.

In fact, the surprise release of music has become in recent years the gimmick of choice of pop’s superstar class. In , Radiohead gave just 10 days’ warning of the release of their album In Rainbows , for which fans could pay what they wanted. The following year, Jack White’s Raconteurs project announced their second album, Consolers of the Lonely , with just a week’s notice.

Understanding, Listening and Falling in Love With Podcasts: A Super Simple Guide

No, seriously, listen. On the other hand, just about everyone has a podcast. There are under the “sexuality” category in iTunes alone. But we went ahead and sifted through the masses to narrow them down to the 18 funniest, smartest, smuttiest sex podcasts out there. Happy listening. Tina Horn hosts a podcast about the unthinkable.

“XO,” long rumored to be a single from the singer’s new album, also all of which are available on iTunes; “Grown Woman,” a promotional cut.

One thing we know about scammers — they want money, and they want it fast. They want to make it easy for themselves to get the money — and nearly impossible for you to get it back. Their latest method? Or pose as a family member or online love interest who needs your help fast. Other payment methods scammers might ask for include Amazon gift cards, PayPal, reloadable cards like MoneyPak, Reloadit, or Vanilla, or by wiring money through services like Western Union or MoneyGram.

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While many artists usually spend months promoting their upcoming releases in hopes that album sales skyrocket, Queen B decided to go against the grain and just drop her fifth studio album exclusively on iTunes without anyone having the slightest idea that it was coming. The self-titled album features a whopping 31 tracks, 14 of which are new songs, including collaborations with big name artists like hubby Jay Z , gal-pals Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams , Drake , Frank Ocean , Pharrell Williams , Justin Timberlake and her baby girl Blue Ivy —just to name a few.

As for the other 17 tracks In an effort to make this event an even more OMG-worthy moment, Bey decided to also release 17 videos. The surprise release is described as an “unguarded artistic statement,” and labeled as “a visual album” that is “exclusively available on iTunes Bey posted a video on Instagram with snippets of what we can assume are pieces of the videos, and also released a video on Facebook.

Beyoncé Has a New Album on iTunes You just know that every single person associated with this album “Grown Woman” [Bonus Video].

Developed as a “visual album”, its songs are accompanied by non-linear short films that illustrate the musical concepts conceived during production. During extensive touring the following year, the album changed as she conceived of creating a visual accompaniment to its songs and resumed recording sessions with electronic producer and rock musician Boots. The album sold over , copies in the United States and , copies worldwide in its first three days of sales, becoming the fastest-selling album in the history of the iTunes Store up to that point.

The album was reissued in November as part of a platinum edition , along with an extended play of new songs, and has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Part of the album was promoted on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour during the legs. Weekends off. You could go and jump in the pool and ride bikes The album’s opening track ” Pretty Hurts “, co-written by Sia, was completed during these sessions.

She refused to ignore its potential. At a later meeting, he played her a stream of consciousness rap called “Ghost”, which he wrote after an exasperating meeting with a potential record label.

15 Podcasts Every Woman Should Listen To

These days, you can find a new podcast that caters to just about any subject, with discourse chewing over everything from true crime to politics and LGBTQ culture , to one of our favorite topics: books. Though the themes are disparate, they do all have something special in common: the podcasts on this list are all produced by women and in some cases, for women. Clear your lunch hour; you have downloading to do.

Think about it: When you were in grade school, admirals, presidents, artists, inventors, popes, etc.

This song is interesting, as not only was it not released as a single, but it wasn’t Beyoncé relive all of her past iconic dance moves and outfits, ‘Grown Woman’.

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20th Century Women

In January , Avatar was leading the box office. And Tiger Woods’s multiple affairs, which had come to light two months before, was the scandal of the moment. A lot has changed in the decade following, much of it for the better.

Why is ‘Grown Woman’ not available on any streaming services like Spotify? 4 comments. share A musical analysis of ‘Single Ladies’ ·

An estimated 46 million Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. Still wondering how to listen? What is a Podcast? Developed in by Adam Curry, a former MTV video jockey, and Dave Winer, a software developer, a podcast is simply a digital file that is available over the Internet for downloading to your mobile device or computer. In most cases, podcasts are original audio recordings. However, they can also be recorded broadcasts of a lecture, performance, or television or radio program.

You listen to podcasts on-demand and can start, stop and finish on your own time. You also subscribe to podcasts. This allows the newest podcast episodes to be pushed to your mobile device or computer making it easy to listen to the most recent shows. During your working out.

King Bey Returns: Beyonce Drops New Self-Titled Album On iTunes

A series investigating the effects of gravity on the female form. Thankfully, there are a few filmmakers, largely in the independent-film world, who are committed to depicting the lives of women outside those categories. I kept it to the last few years and tried to pick stories that had a woman over 40 as the evident protagonist. Carol , an evocative queer love story from another era.

Pop star Beyonce unexpectedly releases her fifth album on iTunes this year, came out of retirement by releasing a single with no prior warning. Grown Woman, which was heard in a Pepsi commercial earlier this year.

You remember JoJo. If anyone thought she would be another casualty in an oversaturated pop market RIP, Willa Ford , JoJo managed to prove the naysayers wrong time and time again. In fact, JoJo had continued to release music independently through a series of mixtapes, YouTube covers, and demos that her cult-like fanbase devoured but flew mostly under the mainstream radar. As is too often the case when an artist disappears for no apparent reason, it was eventually revealed that Jojo was embroiled in a nasty years-long battle with her label, Blackground Records, that culminated with her suing them in to get out of her contract after endless conflicts, including her alleging the label forced her to lose weight by withholding the release of her music.

A casualty of that divorce, though, was JoJo and The High Road , which were both released under Blackground and unavailable on iTunes or any streaming platforms. Which is exactly why she decided to take matters into her own hands and surprised everyone by releasing re-recorded versions of her first two albums on December 20, to coincide with her 28th birthday. To celebrate the release, JoJo caught up with W to explain why she decided to re-record her first two albums from scratch, and to reveal the other surprises she has planned for There have been plenty of reports over the years about the dispute between you and your former label.

Could you tell me in your words what exactly went down and why your first two albums were unavailable? I wish I had a better reason for the first two albums not being available, but I think the simplest answer is that my former label just didn’t make a deal with the streaming platforms. As far as I know, nobody’s music from that label is available on streaming, which includes Aaliyah ‘s last two albums.

I wanted my music to be out there because if people were just discovering me for the first time, it looked like I started my career in with Mad Love.

Beyonce drops surprise ‘visual album’ on iTunes, debuts ‘Grown Woman’ music video

These podcasts are made for and by midlife women. They will make you think, make you laugh, make you cry and give you a bit of inspiration during this phase of life. This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here. This is an updated and rewritten version of a post I wrote in Well, cut to !

Knowles scored two big hits off the album — “Single Ladies (Put a In , she made the Forbes Top 10 list of entertainment’s highest-earning women. was released exclusively on iTunes, with physical discs available for.

No promo. No singles. No music videos. Just the album and a short video posted on her official Facebook page. And there is a documentary for the album too. Now we all must comply. Can you think of ANYONE else who has the creative juice, professional infrastructure, and planning to be able pull this off? And she did it all in the midst of taking care of a small child and travelling for her world tour.

All of that is amazing, but the most brilliant part of it all is that Bey has cleared a path to an immensely successful release while also significantly reducing the cost of putting out an album. The album is only available on iTunes. There are no singles and you cannot purchase any single song. By doing no publicity, she has significantly cut the normal cost of an album release. Jay Z 4.

Grown Woman: Clothing

As the West Coast was tucking into bed Thursday night, the singer rolled out one of the best-kept secrets in recent music history: The album she had spent the last year teasing was now available for purchase on iTunes. Carter tour. I am bored with that.

Grown Woman. PREVIEW. Run the World (Girls) Production Media, LLC. Also available in the iTunes Store Crazy in Love – Single. Sofia Karlberg.

But as you age, it seems easier to pack pounds on and harder to take them off. And carrying that extra weight can increase the risk of breast cancer , heart disease , stroke and diabetes. So why do women gain more weight as they age? And what can be done to prevent it? And there are several factors involved in that. People are less active as they age. Our metabolism slows down as we age.

Women typically experience metabolic decline in their mid-to-late 30s, she explains. Metabolic decline may cause you to gain 10 to 15 pounds, but not 40 or 50 pounds.

Beyonce Grown WOman

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